Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, Sept 15, 2007 - TU Clear Creek Clean Up

Saturday, Sept 15, 2007 - TU Clear Creek Clean Up

What a beautiful day - party cloudy, decent breeze, 75 degrees or so in Idaho Springs. Got there at 9am, we chose a group of four of us and hit our stretch. Pretty tough climbimg along some of those ledges next to the water, but we managed. My group consisted of Cooper (a board member of West Denver TU), Dwight (Pagosa Springs retiree) and Mike. We split in half and headed down stream, Cooper and I hit the City Hall stretch and worked our way to the 70 bridge. We worked the stretch right under the big wheel there along I70 next to the water fall - the river was very fishy there and beautiful. We caught ourselves looking for fish sometimes, and we saw them by the bunches. There are a ton of fish in that creek.

But damn, is that corridor just the dirtiest thing. Tons of garbage was pulled out of there today - and Cooper and I did quite a bit of that. We managed 4 heavy bags in the ~1 mile stretch.

It was a good turn out this year, a few more than last, and a younger group this year too. There was a group from the rafting company that was a young bunch and they added some fresh blood to an otherwise aging group. A big thanks to all the donors who donated gift certs as prizes - including Charlie's Flybox, Anglers All, Blue Quill, Golden Angler, Discount Tackle and a couple others (sorry if I left your gift cert out). The food was good too. I was out of there by about 1 and home by 1:30pm. It was a nice day. I didn't hang out to long - but met Cooper and Dwight and hopefully they will be frequenting this board.

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