Saturday, September 15, 2007


Let's not talk about last night - it makes me sick thinking about it - so let's skip straight to today. Sox win big 10-1. Beckett pitched a gem for his 19th win - and the Sox beat the Yankees best pitcher (Wang).

Man, the usual suspects continue to lead this team. Lowell, Ortiz, Ellsbury & Pedroia. Coco had a good game and Hinske hit a homer. Youks went out after getting plunked in the wrist - xrays were negative, but this is never a good thing.

5.5 game lead over the Yanks, and more importantly it gives the Tigers a chance to catch up in the wildcard race. Although they started some kid tonight Bazardo. Should be interesting. That team has to be the biggest disappointment (besides maybe the White Sox) this season. For all the talented pitching they have they still rely on guys like Inge, Casey, Thames and a host of other marginal players to fill their roster. I'm not sure that is enough offensive talent to get them by teams like the Angels/Sox/Yanks.

But whatever, Sox win tonight - so I'm in a better mood. We have to take tomorrow's game to close the series and put all the pressure on the Yankees.

Can you imagine if the Yankees didn't make the playoffs? I wonder just how much that team would get blwon up?

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