Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beware of Experian Fraud!

Have you gotten this charge on your credit card every month:

CIC*CE Credit Manager(Services and Merchandise) $9.95

If so, you too are signed up for a "free credit report" at How? You got a free credit report and in the small print it says that you have agreed to a monthly membership for $9.95. So, you go to get a "free" credit report, and then get sucked into a membership that you didn't want, and you will never hear from them again - not an email, not anything through the mail, not a phone call. You can even try to log into and it won't recognize your username or password - because you don't have one. So what are you getting for this membership? Jackshit.

You need to call and cancel this thing ASAP at 877-481-6826 - don't give them your credit card number, or social security number, have them look you up by name. They will ask you for your mom's maiden name - don't give them that either - tell them to confirm your identity with other info (I used my DOB). Cancel the "membership" with the asshole customer service (they will try to do everything to convince you that you signed up for it), then ask to talk to the supervisor about the account. Don't give in - stay on hold and talk to the supervisor. Tell the supervisor that you think this is fraud and want to report it. Tell them you think you deserve a refund - that 1,400 other people on the web have gotten the same charge and are pissed - say you will report this, and that you expected more from one of the largest credit agencies out there. They will say that they can only refund 3 months worth of charges - which is better than nothing. They said it would take 7-10 business days to get the credit - we'll see how long it really takes.

I googled the charge above and found out that several people have gone through the same thing - check out these google search results.

Make sure you check your credit card statement next month to ensure that you are not charged again and that you get your refunds.

I hope you catch this sooner than I did - I thought this charge was (it was the same amount) and I was going to call them - but figured I'd google the charge first. Good luck.

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