Friday, September 07, 2007

15, and counting

The Yankees game isn't over yet - they are now leading 3-2 in the 7th - but the magic number is 15. Not too shabby. Yankees can just not afford for the Sox to keep on winning.

Tonight the Sox shutout the O's 4-0, every Sox regular except Lugo had one hit. Crisp actually scored on a balk in the game and the Cabrera went nuts and tried killing Pedroia. A shouting match ensued between Francona and I think the O's catcher, and then the O's manager got tossed. Finally a pitcher got up in the O's bullpen after about 10 minutes of arguing and the game was delayed a while. Veyr strange.

Some things I noticed lately:

Tonight the Sox rested their bullpen - Lester pitched well, then Lopez for and inning and then MDC for an inning. Thank GOD that Paps didn't come on.

Okajima is struggling - something like a 6 ERA in his last 10 outings - not good.

Ellsbury led off tongiht - we should expect this for the next 7 years at least.

The Sox keep winning without Manny Ramirez - which is quite a feat. The Yankees couldn't ask for a better opportunity than for Manny to be out for most of the rest of the final month. Let's hope he's back in 100% shape for the playoffs. He can carry this team for long stretchs.

Where the hell is Gagne? The guy hasn't pitched since August 26th against the CWS. Wouldn't tonight have been a perfect opportunity to get him some work? Weird. Is Gagne hurt? Thanks for the draft pick buddy - let's hope he closes out the season strong so we get a Type A reimbursement.

What about Devern Hansack - he could have closed out the ninth.

I'm still nervous about Lester - he walks too many guys. 20 walks to 29 K's is not impressive. His walks ALWAYS come back to haunt him.

DiceK and Beckett for the next two games - nice. The O's offense is horrible.

My guess is Tuesday September 25th is when we clinch the East.

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