Friday, October 28, 2005

Daddy home alone with the baby - well almost!

Well, I made it through my first work from home/watch Avelyn for the day - day. Actually, it was a dry run, Jennifer was here all day with me, but it was good for me to get into the routine and see what Avi does during the day. Not too bad, I worked in the morning, went to the mall in the ealry afternoon, worked a little in the late afternoon. Bought a video camera on eBay - should be pretty nice - too bad we will miss Halloween with Avi.

I figured out the whole photo gallery on this site - added a ton of pictures - so check them out.

Looking forward to fishing next weekend with Chad - I need to get the vise down on the bar downstairs and start thinking about tying for the Winter swap.

Monday night is not only Halloween, it's also the Steelers vs Ravens on Monday Night Football. Good thing the Steelers aren't playing the Bengals, otherwise Avi wouldn't be allowed to wear her Tigger costume for Halloween - we didn't even think about that before buying it!

Happy Halloween and GO STEELERS!