Thursday, September 13, 2007

And then it was .....11

Thank you Frank Thmoas for making this day good.

Yankees lost to the Blue Jays 2-1 and have dropped the Sox magic number to 11 and the East lead to 5.5 games. More importantly if the Sox get swept over the weekend they will still have a 2.5 game lead. We need magic this weekend - pure power and dominance.

For the record, I'm not overly excited about this team going all the way. Granted, I like our chances in the playoffs with a three man rotation of Schilling, Beckett, DiceK with Buchholz/Lester as our long men and a bullpen of Lopez/Timlin/Okajima/MDC/Paps. The pitching staff has to easily be the best. Our offense is not clicking yet though - and those players that are might not be playing that much in the playoffs (Ellsbury) or possibly slumping again (Lugo/Drew). Yes, we do have some amazing offensive potential when everyone is clicking - but I'm not counting on the stars to line up. Do I think we can beat the Indians or Tigers? Yes. Do I think we can beat the Angels? No. Do I think we can beat the Yankees? Maybe.

Honestly over the past couple of seasons the team that has been on a roll at the end of the season seems to win. Detroit quite possibly was the best team in MLB last season and the Cards took it. The White Sox may have been the best team in the league in 2005, but the Cards would argue because they had more wins. The WS took that series. Were the Sox the best team in 2004? Hell no - the Cards won 105 games, but we all know how that turned out. So, I guess I'll put my money on the team that ends the season the hottest and with the most momentum. If I chose right now, I'd have to say the Yankees or Angels.

Tomorrow is Friday and it will be war. May the Sox be the best team and win!

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