Thursday, September 13, 2007


Magic number is 12 after a dramatic Red Sox win. A 1 out in the bottom of the ninth 2 run homer by Big Papi David Ortiz wrapped this game up in dramatic fashion. This could be just the spark we need to propel us into the Yankee series. We have the day off today, and tomorrow the Yanks will be in Fenway. I have a feeling this is going to be a battle. The Yankees have won their last 7 games, so they are ripe for being beat - no way can they carry that momentum for very much longer. We will need our guns to come out blazing - and it looks like Manny Ramirez may be back for the series.

I'm not sure Manny helps us or hurts us. With Manny in we need to sit Drew or Ellsbury - Drew is starting to hit and provides good D. Ellsbury has been a true spark plug for this team the last few weeks. Taking him out of the lineup can only hurt. Manny also has a tendency to be an all or nothing type hitter - swinging for the long bomb or a K or a double play. The first time we see Manny become a rally killer the fans will let the manager know.

One thing about Manny, he usually comes back very very strong from time off - and he kills the Yankees - so these are very positive things. Elssbury as a late inning replacement on the basepaths and field is not a bad thing. The bigger question is - what are we going to do in 2008?

Should be a GREAT weekend - all 3 games are on TV.

My weekend is packed - a championship inline hockey game tonight (last night we won the first game and lost the championship game), Friday I have the Sox, Saturday I have the TU River Clean Up and the Sox on TV and Sunday I have the Fly Fishing Retailers Show, NFL Football and the Sox on TV. That will be crazy!

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