Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday, January 8, 2006 – South Platte River, Deck

Sunday, January 8, 2006 – South Platte River, Deckers
Cold morning about 40 degrees, warmer in the late morning about 52 degrees, but very windy. Water was slightly off color, flows about 146 cfs

I fished with Chad this morning down in Deckers down the dirt road across from the fly shop and up near the Wigwam club. We fished this stretch for about 2.5 hours. I didn’t have any luck – Chad hook about 10 fish on a streamer pattern – all were pretty small, I think one was a 14-incher. The water was higher than normal so there were a lot more spots to fish and there were a lot of tempting holes. An especially nice hole is the bend stretch right before it breaks into the mini canyon down there.

We next went to between the bridges down in Deckers. Typical spots. The water being higher and faster made it harder to locate the fish and get a good drift. I managed to ass-hook one large brown on the other side of the downed log. The brown had nice blue spots and was about 13 or so inches. Chad only hooked a couple of fish. But the site of the day was a dead sucker up on the bank. We had no idea there were even suckers in there! I fished the last hour or so with a streamer – I got a ton of tips from Chad. I feel more comfortable with a streamer, but I still didn’t catch any fish.