Saturday, September 01, 2007

9/1 magic!

I was supposed to head out fishing bright and early this morning - but that didn't happen. I was up late last night watching the Roast of Flava Flav on Comedy Central - funny as all hell. I couldn't sleep so I turned it on while laying on the couch. I had to shut it off after 30 minutes or so or else I would never have gotten up in the morning. But I didn't want to! Man it was actually kind of funny - dirty as all hell - but quite funny. I have to TiVo it next time it is on. So, I wanted to go fishing, and I was even woken up at 5:30 by a phone call from Orbitz telling me my Mom & Dad's flight was leaving on time - 2 time zones away, and in 3 hours - geez thanks.

Well, I slept until Avi woke up, then played with her all day until her nap time and I fell asleep on the couch around noon. I was woken up at 1pm by the wife and I headed to the airport. I met my mom and dad and we were home by about 3pm. It is great seeing them - they haven't been out here in over 2 years.

Well, the Steelers made their cuts today cutting Verron Haynes and Chuckie Okobi - keeping Carey Davis and Gary Russell - which is great. Our O-line still scares teh hell out of me. Oh, and the Steelers traded for punt returner Allen Rossum - which is a HUGE upgrade over what they have. That will make the special teams very exciting.

Oh, and one other little thing happened today - Clay Buchholz, the rookie pitcher for the Sox pitched a no hitter - absolutley amazing. Not only was it a great achievement by Clay, but it was the shot in the ass that the Red Sox need SOOOOOOOO badly. Scoring 10 runs was also nice with Jacoby Ellsbury and Brandon Moss chipping in on the offense. Of course Youks with a 3 run homer and Ortiz with a 3 run double helped too - and Pedrioa had some offense too - and an amazing defensive play that saved the no hitter in the 7th of Miggy Tejada. So, the magic number is now 22 - which seems like a lot - but with 26 games left, it seems very achievable. We have 11 games until we meet the Yankees at Fenway - ultimately I'd like to win 7 of those and have the Yankees lose at least 4 - which would drive the magic number in half with 15 games left. Of course 3 of those games are against the Yankees and those would be the telling games of the season. I BELIEVE!

I do miss fishing - this is a holiday weekend and normally I'd be camping with the family or finding some time to get away and fishing - but I'm not sure I'm going to get so lucky over the next week or so - with the family here, I can't get away. I need to find some kind of festival or fair to go to to keep everyone busy.

Opening game is 8 days away - Steelers vs Browns, man, that game will give us some great self confidence with a big win. My guess is 10-6 in a tough division - and I think we either win the division or get the wild card. Colts/Pats/Chargers/Bengals/Steelers/Broncos - I'm not sure if we are a SB team with the Colts and Pats in our conference - but I think we are close.

Lots of cuts hitting the waiver wire tonight - this is a tough time of year to be on the bubble. Lots of veterans and draft picks getting the boot - crazy.

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