Monday, June 20, 2016

Camping in Buena Vista and fishing in Cottonwood Lake, June 11, 2016

Took the family up to Buena Vista for the weekend to go camping.  First time I've used my camper in a long time.  BTW, if anyone is interested in buying the camper - it is for sale.  It was scheduled to be a hot weekend, so escaping to the mountains is always a good thing.  I made a reservation at Arrowhead Point Campground just North of BV.

The campground is ok, nothing great or special.  Not a lot of trees, but our spot had some cover.  The kids had a good time riding bikes and exploring.  Cabo, didn't do so well.  She wanders now, and stumbled down the small hill next to our site within 3 minutes of being there.  She just gets the momentum and can't stop.  Poor girl.  I hate putting her on a leash, but had to - she never goes more than 20 feet from me and usually just crashes near us.

We went up to Cottonwood Lake and fished for a little bit.  The fish are stupid and will hit about anything.  The lake has to be filled with stockers, they were cruising everywhere near the shore line and would hit anything put in the water.  We managed a few before the kids lost interest.  One was a nice thick rainbow, the others were strange looking skinny stocker rainbows with almost a black top and silver bottoms - no pink or green coloration at all - nothing like I have ever seen.

My kids ended up picking up old fishing line, hooks, weights, etc. and putting them in a trash bag for about the full 2 hours we were there.  Insane the total abuse of mother nature these asshole bait chuckers have.  I mean, most of the line had to be 20# test and huge bait hooks, in a lake that probably doesn't have a fish bigger than 14 inches.  Sad.  But the kids felt great "to do their part".

Pretty views:

I was glad I got out and threw the rod, and didn't get skunked.

It was a quick trip and we were home early Sunday morning.