Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007 Blue River, Silverthorne

Monday, January 15, 2007 Blue River, Silverthorne
Very cold (-5 degrees) in the morning - but sunny and no real breeze. Water was clear below the dam, about 64 cfs.

Frickin cold!! I asked Chad about 6 times on the way up what the hell we were thinking?!?!?!?

We started right below the dam around 9:30 - fished my way to the bridge, then under the bridge, back to the bridge and headed back to the car around 2 pm. I managed to catch 2 fish - one small 8 inch rainbow up by the outlets on a blue poison tongue size 20 and another, a nice 14 inch rainbow just under the foot bridge on a red juju bee midge size 22. I saw lots of fish - some were huge and some were small, none were very active, and few were actively feeding. I saw two fish that had to be over 24 inches easy - of course they were sitting in the deepest pools at the bottom. Chad managed 5 fish or so and a few got off.

We saw at least 5 accidents on the way up to Dillon. One car in the median, one pick up truck flipped over in the median, one car flipped over a guard rail onto an on-ramp, one car slammed into the guard rail and had gotten itself stuck on the embankment, and a rear ender coming down the big hill out of Evergreen. People seriously need to learn to slow down - accidents don't need to happen if some of those people learned to drive a little better. Sad.