Saturday, September 22, 2007

Clinched the wildcard.

6 is the magic number for the East title. This takes a little pressure off. Tonights win aganist TB was in a dramatic fashion - getting a clutch Tek HR to tie it in the top of the ninth and then a sweet 2 run HR by Lugo to put us ahead. I could have sworn I beat on these same two guys yesterday for not producing? Think they heard me? Good to see some production down there - maybe, just maybe, they are getting hot and can hold onto the fire for a month or so? We'll need it. Pedroia went 0-5 pushing his average down to below .315, while Ellsbury went 2-5 and had 2 RBIs.

Some cause for concern was DiceK's pitching performance - he gave up 5 runs tonight and those stat lines never look good. If the guy could stop walking people and giving up free baserunners, that would help his ERA and performance tremendously. I can not see the SOx using him in a the playoffs - although after what they spent on him, they will probably be forced to.

The Yankees pulled out a win tongiht in extra innings over the BJs. They used 10 pitchers tonight - 7 for less than a full inning. Philip Hughes again did not look impressive - both teams scored plenty of runs though - as both bulpens got over used 12-11. Sox are still up 2.5 games.

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