Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 28, 2014 - Clear Creek

Had a chance to fish Clear Creek for a few hours with Tom (my neighbor) on Sunday before football.  We hit a stretch that I checked out the day before when the kids and I did the West Denver TU river clean up.  This stretch is right below Mountain Sports (the old Budweiser plant) right before Idaho Springs.  A bike path gives easy access to the area, which is good and bad - easy in, but easier for the bait fishermen.

We caught fish right off in the pool next to the lot, but the fish were few.  I think we managed 5 fish total between us - only one of size (the one below). Tom enjoyed himself and it was good to get out.

I'm bummed because this might be my last fishing trip with Cabo.  She's getting too old to walk around on the rocks and often loses her footing or gets stuck in spots on the rocks that she used to bounce out of.  It was good to go with her though and she loves swimming and "kissing" the fish I catch.