Saturday, October 19, 2013

South Park Stillwater - Oct 19, 2013

Fished with Darren and Luke
Left at about 5:15, landed at 7am
15 degrees in the parking lot
Full moon shining
Long walk in
Wind was minor - just a good ripple on the water

Both fish looked exactly the same
20 inches, and fat
I'd love to tell you the rest of the day was amazing, but it wasn't
No fish for another 3 hours or so when I caught this one. He was maybe 15 inches but had these huge gashes in his tail. Eagle? Pike? Propeller?

About an hour later I managed this fish - nothing fancy, but fat.

Darren managed two fish, within 5 minutes of each other and nothing before or after.
This fish was huge - 21.5 inches and fat - definitely the fish of the day.
The other fish was similarly fat, but not as long.

We maybe had 3 hits the rest of the time
Still great to get out.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Silverthorne, Thursday Oct 17, 2013

Finally got a day off - budget season was a bear and it is now over - so huge opportunity to take a day off, head up to Silverthorne and fish at my own pace. 

I stayed in bed a little later than I wanted to, but that was ok - I was on VACATION! Left the house a little after 6am.

34 degrees when I left Highlands Ranch.
A skim of ice on Georgetown Lake
First sign of snow on the ground at Silver Plume
Loveland is making snow.
21 degrees in Silverthorne.
As I'm changing, Pat Dorsey pulls into the parking lot.
I jump in the river
Water is super high - which is a good thing
6X snaps twice while tying on flies
2nd cast I get a hit, full break off
Retie with 4X
I got a few fish
Nice fish - hefty, maybe 4 lbs or so. Nose is all beaten up - like the Colorado Headwater Fisheries guy mentioned in his blog. Story here.
I was trying not to touch the fish, so pics are from the net POV. The water felt numbing.

At about 10:30 I decide to go hit Cutthroat Anglers for some new laces and a magnet for my big net that hangs behind me and keeps catching my line.
I then hit a small stillwater
I've fished here with the kids, and I know there are fish in here - but never had any luck

These cutts - I assume Snake River Cutts?? were swimming in the shallows - beautiful fish about 15-16 inches long.

I did manage one dumb rainbow trout - fought well - small but was very healthy.

About 1:30pm I hit Wendy's and was back in the HR by almost 3pm.
Good day to fish with good results.