Tuesday, September 11, 2007

14 magic number; Steelers paste the Clowns

First off - Comcast sucks. The entire day on Sunday my internet was out - I called twice, and finally at 11:30 at night it was back up. WTF? Why can't they fix these things timely? They want my bill paid timely, they won't credit my account unless I bitch about it after it is restored and they certainly won't apologize. Assholes. Of all days to not have internet SUNDAY! Opening day in football, if I needed to adjust my fantasy football roster - I couldn't. If I wanted to pick up a player who did well - I couldn't. So what is it worth to you Comcast? 1/30th of my bill? Assholes.

Second - magic number is 14 - which isn't shrinking as fast as I'd like. Sure, we are 5 games up on the Yankees for the division and 9 games up on the wild card, but COME ON! Losing to the DRays 1-0 to Scott Kazmir was not so bad - but the Yankees keep on winning. Sure, they beat KC and Seattle (which hasn't been too difficult), but some team needs to grow some nuts and step up and beat this team. Toronto may be that team. But with Glaus out, that leaves little power left. The weekend is going to be awesome as all 3 games are on TV. Man, we need to win at least 2 out of 3.

Last - the Steelers dominated and destroyed the Browns. Man, could there be a worst organization in football than the Browns? How sad are they? Their coach has no emotion, no control over his players, he's clueless on personell, and he looks apathetic. He doesn't know who his best players are - and he cuts his starting QB 2 days after opening day. What? He should resign this minute.

The Steelers were all business - back to discipline and smart plays. Coach Tomlin is the next dynasty in Pittsburgh - he is awesome. The game started out poorly for the Browns, forced to punt inside their 10 on the first possession, their punter fudged the snap and had to run sideways to kick the ball - all of 28 yards. On the play there was 4 penalties - all on Cleveland. That is sad. Pittsburgh moved a couple plays and threw a 5 yard TD pass. The next Cleveland possession the Browns fumbled inside their 20 and the Steelers kicked a FG. There was 10:30 left in the 1st quarter and already it was evident that the Browns were a joke. Sad.

My players of the game were Roethlisberger - 4 passing TDs (and a ton of drops by the WRs and RBs), Sepulveda (4 punts inside the 20 - deep inside the 20), the D Line (stopped Lewis for 35 yards) and Hines Ward (1 TD, best blocking WR of all time). We looked steady - sometimes sloppy, but our D slammed the door. Brady Quinn would have made this game more respectable, but teh Steelers would still have won by 21 points anyways.

Tomlin gets my game ball this week - he's truly a breathe of fresh air in Pittsburgh.

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