Sunday, September 23, 2007

NFL Sunday - made even better!!

Do you live outside your favorite teams home market? So you either have to buy the Direct TV package for like $200 or the Field Pass for $40? (Which is a HUGE rip off considering you can get the entire MLB baseball season on the radio - some 2500 games - for $15! I'll pay that - but not the $40 for 16 games). Well, get NFL games live (or almost live) directly on your computer in decent video quality (well 4" X 4" quality).

Check this out - and it really works - download, then go to this link and click on the game you want.

This worked perfectly and it saved my Sunday - as my wife had to work and the baby was napping. I wish I had known about this last week - but luckily we are 3-0 BABY! Go STEELERS!

Ok, Sox lost tonight, Yankees won - 1.5 game lead, and the Sox get Monday off.

The Steelers played well - very well - and looked like a top 3 team in the league. Colts and Pats will be tops until they prove otherwise - although the Colts don't look all that impressive against the Titans and Texans - but still, that offense is explosive.

The 49ers played well too on Defense, but the Steelers pounding was just too much. 133 yards rushing for FWP and Ben made all the right throws. I want to focus on one player that just makes me tick and is probably going to be one of the Steeler greats before he's done. His name is Hin..........Heath Miller, TE, #83. Damn, the guy is automatic. I wish I saw the stat for dropped passes and third down thrown too and completions for TEs. He's so automatic and when he gets the ball he turns up field and PUNISHES someone. I used to think Shockey was a punisher, but this guy let's three guys jump on his back and he keeps chugging. I don't think I've ever seen 1 guy straight up tackle him. He has only one weakness - the sidelines, that's the only thing he can't avoid when he is pushed out of bounds! He caught 3 balls tonight that were huge! One was out of bounds after a review, but he caught the ball as a LB was pushing him out of bounds so he didn't get both feet down. It was truly an amazing catch.

Hines Ward hurt his shoulder today, and that is a huge concern - but honestly Ben doesn't really need WRs except on third downs - which he doesn't get into a whole lot. I heard the Steelers were losing for the first time this season - for 12 seconds! After a first possession FG by the 49ers, Allen Rossum ran back the kickoff 98 yards for a TD. Amazing! That is called rising to adversity! Rossum was a great pick up - and he filled a huge weakness in this team. Another great sign was seeing our punter on the hands team on an onside kick. That's riht, Dan Sepulveda, a former walk on LB at Baylor University, was on the hands team and collected an onside kick and laid down nicely. You will NEVER see that in a game again. Crazy.

The defense looked great today - there was more pressure on the QB than the stats showed. Woodley got another sack and looked very good. The defense hit hard as usual - Frank Gore had 35 yards rushing and was pummeled every time he got the ball. Vernon Davis may be hesitant to catch a ball over the middle again - as he caught a ball and was planting his leg to turn upfield he got a helmet to the hip and was flipped over, landing on his head and coughing up the football right into Ryan clark's hands. The play was reviewed incomplete, but Davis was seen counting fingers on the sidelines. Lots of heavy hits - just the way we love it.

Jeff Reed was automatic tonight - I hope he saves some for when we need them. A garbage TD by the 49ers late brought them within 9. The Steelers came back and kicked a FG, then the next possession for the 49ers Alex Smith throws a pick 6 to Bryant McFadden for 50 yards. That sealed it - but Najeh Davenport ripped off a 40 yard TD to clinch it. Great game and our first real test by a decent defense. Arizona is next, then Seattle (in Pittsburgh).

Some games of note today - Cleveland has a FG try blocked with no time left to lose to Oakland (ugh). Those are truly the worst teams in the league. Sad. Denver sucked as usual - losing to Jacksonville 23-14. The game looked like it was going to go Denver's way as they made Jacksonville fumble on Denver's 4 yard line. On 4th and 6 from the 10 yard line, Shanahan went for it with 4 minutes left and Denver choked. Instead of letting their defense get the ball back (which I think it could have), he made a very bad bad decision. Again, Shanahan costs the Broncos a game. The last two weeks he has gotten gifts, and this week, against an equally crappy team, he choked. Completely. Of course all the Bronco fans will continue to ballwash him as usual.

NE looked good as usual. Dallas killed the Bears. GB trounced SD (amazingly - I guess Norv Turner really does kill the best offense in the game!). TB surprised St. Louis - by 21 points. Seattle barely beat Cincy. I'm thinking we can beat the hell out of AZ and Seattle and have fun doing it.

Man, I need to go camping for the weekend - I need to get some fishing in and get up to the mtns. Problem is that this is quarter close, and I'll need internet and cell phone access. I'm thinking maybe Breckenridge - this cool place called Tiger Run is a ritzy place and the family would have a good time.

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