Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More South Park.....


Then this:
That was awesome!
It was about 30 inches and had a duck bill nose with alligator teeth.
On a Chiro!!

Port Aransas, TX - May 5-8, 2016

Steffan and I made the trip to Texas to visit a buddy of mine who owns a boat and place down in Port A. Those are the best kinds of friends - just sayin.

Left mid day on Thursday, landed in San Antonio at 4:30, Mike picked us up and it took us about 3 hours to get down to Port A. We picked up the boat in Corpus Christi from storage. This is the beast below:

The boat is a 24 foot bay boat, with a 250hp engine that topped out just under 50mph. Lots of storage, lots of flat areas to stand and cast - live bait well, middle console - beautiful boat.

We hit up a joint in town for some seafood - oysters, fish sandwichs, blackened snapper....damn good.

Got up at 4:45am on Friday, hit the bait shop to get some croakers - I guess croakers are just getting big enough right around now and they eat trout eggs - so the trout are on them.

None of these pictures are going to wow or surprise you, fish were caught, nipples were out, I made a mess, Steffan caught the retarded fish, great sunrises, I took a piss right in front of a family or boaters, Steffan pants'ed me while I was pissing, we all caught birds, chugged a Chub, drank a ton of local beers, etc.

Friday was by far the best day - probably caught 20 fish, 10 keepers and a flounder, a couple spanish mackerel (you don't keep those - and they shit in the boat). Friday night we cleaned and fried all our fish and ate it - about 10lbs I'd say. Went out to a dive bar to drink and meet some of Mike's buddies.

Saturday was tough - lots of wind, we went shallower, so were trying to find the redfish. Wade fished a little, which was cool. Caught only 2 keepers. Drank a ton more beer. Cleaned the fish, cleaned the boat. Hit up MacDaddy's which is a new place down there - service sucked, but food was great. Stopped to get cigars. Went back to Mike's place and played ping pong and smoked cigars and drank beer.

Sunday we slept in until 6:30, then made our Mother's Day calls, change flight plans. Headed back to San Antonio to catch 1pm flight - landed in Phoenix, left there and were within 100 miles of Denver when we got re-routed due to tornadoes. Landed in Albuquerque for a 1 hour layover to get fuel, then back to Denver. Landed around 8pm.

Great trip - nice to try something new. Mike is a great guy, and I appreciate his invite down there.

John's Creek, Maggie, VA

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