Sunday, July 06, 2014

East Inlet Creek, Grand Lake, CO - July 4th, 2014

We went camping in Grand Lake for the 4th, stayed at Winding River Resort - which is great.  I took my son, Z, fishing with only a fly rod.  Mom and Avi dropped us off and we hiked the 10 minutes into Adams Falls.  The water was super high and fast and we really couldn't fish a lot of the spots that hold fish, so we fished the bend pool for about 30 minutes - catching 3 little brookies.  The mosquitoes feasted on us! 

I set up right at the bend pool - Z got on his Cabela's hip boot waders that are 5 sizes too big for him and I used a pair of old wading boots.  I tied on an indicator and a couple of zebra midges and tossed it in the bend pool.  The water slowed slightly here and I was hoping there were fish in this slash of slow water.  I was teaching Z to hold his right hand on the rod and use his fingers to pin the line against the rod and use his left hand to strip the line in.  He had the flip of the line back upstream pretty easily, and on his third "cast" he had on a fish - we got it into my hands and I held it for him.  Of course he wanted to kiss it and let it wiggle out of his hands.  He was so excited and pleased with himself.  Of course he thought after 3 more casts that he should have the second fish on - but not quite.

I had to get out of the water as the water was easily in the 40's and I couldn't feel my feet and my shins and calves felt like someone had doused them in lighter fluid and took a match to them - they were literally on fire.  I moved to a slightly slower spot and fished the downward area and soon had another small brookie, followed by another small brookie.  Z kissed them all and got to release them.  He was pretty excited, but the mosquitoes were even more excited and won out.  We texted mom to come pick us up, hiked down the hill and were done.

I wish I had pictures, but wanted to get the fish back in the water sooner rather than later.  All the same, it should be a memory he doesn't soon forget.  Mission accomplished.