Friday, June 14, 2013

Fishing with my daughter Avelyn!

While we were camping over Memorial Day Weekend, I was surprised to hear Avi ask me to take her fishing. She packed her back pack and grabbed her waders and we were in our way.
We only had a couple hours while Z napped so we hit the Roaring Fork River. The water was muddy, but had slightly better visibility than the prior day, but it was much higher.

We fished with minimal luck initially, but right before leaving I switched up my rig and picked up a nice brown, that Avi fought with the rod and I netted for her.  She gave it a kiss and dropped it back into the water.  Next, I hooked a nice 18 inch cuttbow that fought hard into the fast water.  We landed the fish way down river and I gave her a chance to release this one too - she was so excited, but was worn out and wanted to go back to the camp site.

We got a chance to work on her casting in she did very well.  Either way, it was a huge win for me and her - hopefully she asks me again. 

Monday, June 03, 2013

North Park, Sat/Sun June 1-2, 2013

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words!