Sunday, December 28, 2008

Enough Already!

These "he said"/"she said" stories are only interesting when they involve hot chicks, and let's face it, neither Jay Cutler or Philip Rivers is a hot "chick" in the NFL. Both players are more than full of themselves. Living in Denver makes this really hard because everyone stands up for the classless Jay Cutler. Although extremely talented, Mr. Cutler makes an ass of himself consistently on and off the field. With his mouth he claims he has a stronger arm than John Elway (even if he DOES, which he DOESN'T - he needs to keep his mouth shut), trash talks Rivers to the media - but we never really know what Rivers said to him (so why don't you tell us that Rivers was telling you that you sucked - when you WERE! - the truth must hurt). On the field you seem to be a leader until you throw a dumb INT. The QB position is the most important on any team - you need to be a leader and win these games....but you don't.

Congrats on your Pro Bowl - I'm glad you think you deserve it. I've been lucky enough (I threw up a little in my mouth) to watch you botch a few games and sulk on the sidelines - you shouldn't even be within 5,000 of Hawaii when guys like Matt Cassell and Chad Pennington get snubbed (oh yeah, Chad will be playing next week - you'll have your feet up sulking I'm sure). Don't let the stats fool you, none of your even match up to Rivers - 24 TDs and 16 Ints are mediocre, 32 TDs and 11 Ints seem stronger, your QB rating is mediocre, and you did all this with better OL, wide receivers and TEs. So how did you earn your Pro Bowl again? I guess they had to have at least ONE Pro Bowler from every team - congrats again!

Rivers on the other hand takes the high road. Sure he is a little cocky - which he should be (he has the winning percentage to back it up - had it not been for Norv Turner and Ed Hocules he would easily have won the division and the Broncos wouldn't be smelling the playoffs after week 10) - but he brushes off the trash talking as merely part of the game (which it is - isn't it?). His stats are better, so that probably gives him some right to talk trash too.

Hey Jay Cutler, some advise for you - want to be a good QB? Rise to the occassion, look at the history of your franchise, learn from the class acts that John Elway and Terrel Davis were - and shut the hell up. Winning games is all that matters - and you don't exactly have a winning track record. You'll find out that your arm has a much stronger voice than your mouth ever will.

Oh, and karma is a bitch - when the Chargers get a second chance to right things tonight in SD, I hope the game ends on a controversial call that goes SD's way - this way I can hear all the Bronco fans tomorrow crying about how they were robbed. YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE! Your organization needs an enima - get some youth in there, and a defense. GO CHARGERS!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Zachary Cole Edwards

Born 12/15/08 at 8:26am
7 lbs, 12 ozs and 20.75 inches long

Mom and baby are doing well.

Follow the Link to the Pics

From 121508 - Zachary Cole

Saturday, December 06, 2008

$1.59/gallon gas!

Yep - that has been the cheapest I have seen it - although rumors abound that it might be had up on Santa Fe for $1.49!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Hockey 12/5 - Thursday League

First game of playoffs (I guess because there are only 6 teams we got a bye from the first game)
No points
Played against Dean and Chris the goalie
Not much to say
won 6-4