Thursday, June 25, 2009

Supreme Hopper - FOTD

Wow, just wow. This thing looks real. I'm not sure that the colors match, but it is the most life like foam hopper I have ever seen!

Great tie by rstout over on the Fly Tying Forums.


wyoflyfish said...

I haven't started throwing the hoppers yet, but that makes me want to get out and fire at the banks with one.

mancing said...

nice hopper
is there anyone sell foam like that?

Kathi said...

Rob, you have done an awesome job tying this fly. It looks just great. We are offering free foam materials to anyone who sends us photos of fish caught on Tomsu's Supreme Hopper. It's really been great for us, but we seem to have forgotten our camera while enjoying fishing. So, we'd love to show other tyers out there that this pattern REALLY works. Send photos to

Thanks, Rob for showcasing this pattern. You rock!