Thursday, June 18, 2009


I started playing inline again, on Thursday nights in Parker with my buddy John. We have played 3 games.

Game 1 I missed due to busting a skate chassis on my right skate right before the game started. So basically I couldn't play. Huge dilemma to get another chassis, get it put on and it still doesn't feel right.

Game 2 we lost 9-4, I had a fluke ugly goal and played horribly. I had no wind, no legs and basically died. The rink is 1.5X larger than Westridge Rec Center here in Highlands Ranch - so it requires a lot more movement and skating. It was good to finally get to play with John, he is a really good player and I look forward to feeding him lots of passes in the future.

Game 3 was tonight and we lost 8-5. The other team was toying with us, their goalie played way out and their players were passing him back the puck like he was an extra skater. I got one penalty for slashing a stick and good old Brady the ref was being his asshole self. I had a little more wind and played D and quarterbacked a little more. I had two huge shots that soared by the goalies head. John missed the game due to work travel.

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