Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Float Tube

Since seeing those guys at Antero just killing fish by the damn in float tubes, I have wanted one. Well, it didn't take long. I found a Super Fat Cat on Craigslist on Friday and met up with the guy Friday afternoon. Yesterday (Saturday) I got a chance to try it out on Chatfield.

Outcast makes some fine boats - you can tell by the incredibly high prices for them and the great reviews they get on the sporting goods sites and forums. The float tube is super stable, even in large waves and it is easy to propel. Turning is a different sotry, but that has nothing to do with the boat and more to do with the operator. I just can't figure out how to turn once I get off course - but I will get the hang of it.

This SFC is a bit older - maybe 2004 model - so it doesn't have all of the stronger materials and R&D that the new model has (I guess). But it is nice - it has more room than I could ever imagine and the V shaped birth in the front holds my cooler, anchor, boots, etc just perfectly. I could see myself doing a whole day of tubing with no problems. The two zip pouches (one on each arm) are huge. The extra loops everywhere are perfect for anchor, net, size net, etc. The extra padded seat is very comfortable. The one thing I noticed is that paddling/kicking is going to take some getting used to - for both turning and length of time. I got a couple of cramps and tired, but I knew I could keep going. I'm not sure if that would be the case in a heavy wind.

Now I'm trying to convince my friends into getting one!!

Chatfield Fishing:

The elevation of the reservior continues to be at 5,432 ft - which is still about 2 feet higher than normal. I headed over first to my carp cove - the water was way too high and not a fish to be found. On the way in I met up with these two ladies who had on a nice 14 inch walleye - they caught him on a neon green weighted worm. Nice fish, and glad to see they are that close to shore. I wish I knew how to fly fish for them.

Since my bay was flooded, I headed over to the dam to do some belly boating. As I was suiting up, the sky got black and started to thunder, but luckily the sun stayed out and the storm went just south. I trolled a double streamer rig behind the tube to no avail, I headed all the way out to the dam tower and back. No luck, just a few snags on the bottom.

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wyoflyfish said...

I have a really old Fat Cat 66. Its 13 years old now and still going strong. It will last you forever. Glad to see you are hitting the lakes.