Friday, June 12, 2009

Antero Res - Thursday, June 11, 2009

The much anticipated return trip to Antero sucked, actually it "blew" back into the truck for cover twice.

I hit Darren's house around 5am, and we were in the lot and on the water at 7:30ish. We started out on the north boat ramp again and headed just east - this time we were further out - about 300 or so yards, but the depth of water stayed right at 13 feet. Within 5 mins and 3 casts I had on a bigun', this bad boy took me to my backing twice! I was a little weary of really fighting the fish to hard because this is the same thing that happened last trip and I lost him. We did manage to get him ot the net and he was pretty. The fish probably had an 18 inch girth and was a legit 19 inches long. I plopped him back in the water after a couple of pics and he was no worse for wear and zoomed off. As a matter of fact, all of our fish today were fiesty and recovered quickly and shot away.

Darren hooked and land a few more fish and hooked and lost the same number. I hooked one, but couldn't get the little guy in. We moved a bunch more times, within 50 yards of the original spot, but the luck was kind of off. Darren picked up a fish here and there, but the fishing seemed slow. Around 10am we could see a storm coming our way and by about 11am we decided it was time to paddle our asses off the water. Luckily the wind was pushing us directly towards my truck. We were getting slammed with waves and if you took the kayak sideways we'd get water over the top. We hit the shoreline and tried to carry the yak up the embankment, but it was so full of water we couldn't do it without unloading some stuff. By the time we got the yak on land we were getting hammered - it was so windy that there was no where to hide from it - not even behind my truck!

We retreated to inside the truck and ate lunch and had a beer. We watched the swallows surf on the waves and a lone belly boater blown from the other side of the lake, paddling his ass off in the middle of the lake who was basically lost at sea in the surf. We decided to move on. After talking to a guy from denver Angler we decided to hit the south boat ramp. We threw the kayak on the ski racks and moved on. The weather was looking better behind the storm clouds, as a patch of blue sky moved in. The wind never stopped all day, it was up and down but never stopped.

The south boat ramp is large and there are tons of places to fish - we wanted to hit the dam area so we headed over there. The long rock ledge that stretched for a miel looked appealing. We headed out about 100 yards from shore, about 30 yards off the boulders. Immediately we were into fish, hooking some fiesty 15 and 16 inch fish - all rainbows. Then, it shut off, and the wind started blowing, and the waves started coming up and it got a little scary. The anchor couldn't hold us in a spot for very long. The 5 foot swells would inch the anchor closer and closer to shore, and every 7th wave or so would deposit water over my legs into the yak. Around 2pm we decided another black rain cloud wasn't going to be nice to us and we high tailed it back to shore. I ran out of steam and Darren had to paddle from the front to get us back to shore.

Again, we waited out the wind and rain - listening to the Rockies game in the truck. It was a shorter wait and we headed back down to the yak around 2:30. The water was a bit off color with all the wave action, so we fished just off of the mud line hoping to catch some cruisers - but we got nothing. We left around 4pm.

The coolest thing we saw today were two guys trolling in belly boats fishing streamers - they would drop their streamer in the water then back swim with their flippers horizontal to the shoreline. These caughts always had their lines bent as they caught fish after fish. I think this is a really cool way to fish with streamers - and to say the least we were pretty jealous.

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