Friday, June 26, 2009

Antero - again!

I wasn't lucky enough to go to Antero this week - I had to work. But, my buddy Darren, who is lucky enough to deal with hoodlums and thugs during the weekends, has weekdays off and travelled the 130 miles for the 5th time in 3 weeks and hit it up.

He's relatively new at stillwater fishing, but he's becoming a pro pretty quickly. After getting skunked our previous trip (sorry Darren, I had to say it) Darren was determined to stalk these pigs and catch every last one of them. Well, he did leave a few for some other fishermen, but he caught his share.

Armed with a kayak, 2 rods, a fish finder and some good luck, he got into some fatties:

This brown was chucnkie, but had "cartoon" like spots on him. Darren (or I) had never seen such sparse and large coloring on a brown before.

And here are a couple of rainbows for good measure.

Antero is still producing - the key is to anchor up and wait. Of course nice calm days help a lot too!

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