Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 3 - Steelers lose to Philly

What a miserable game - absolutely bad. No other way to explain it - the offense just could not get any momentum and the OLine sucked. When Willie Parker can't get 2 yards a carry - that is s very bad sign.

The obvious problem with the game was teh offensive line that allowed 12 or so sacks - it was just stupid how poorly these guys played and the fact that we couldn't change the protection at halftime has me a bit concerned. Yes, I agree that many of those sacks are on Roethlisberger - due to him moving around and stepping into defenders. It makes it very very hard for an OLine to create a pocket around the QB when the QB is constantly moving.

I'm not sure what the Steelers coaches were game planning - when you have pressure like that on blitzes, just dump the ball off to the blitzing side - but Ben just couldn't do it. And they kept getting eaten up - which is dumb, because the Eagles didn't change their defense all game. That is a bad sign. A winning team knows how to shift their skills to take advantage of changes in their game plan and coverages mid game. We obviously are not that team. It seemed like Tomlin was just waiting for the Steelers to do something on Defense and win that game.

The defense played very well - holding the Eagles to 13 points and numerous turn overs and big stops. An offense has to be able to score more than 15 points every game - or else you should expect not to win.

I was not impressed with the D as much as I probably should be - Woodley played ok (although I caught him taking a play or two off on runs to the other side), Polamalu played well, Ryan Clark played well too, Timmons played well in spurts, but he kind of disappeared. The run defense was decent. But, they couldn't stop the screen plays - which is unacceptable with the LBs we have.

The offense was pitiful - Heath Miller was a bright spot I guess. Other than that they were sh!t.

I'm disgusted just remembering this game. Oh, and Philly fans are horrible - I heard crickets a few times in that stadium during the game.

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