Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Steelers beat the Clowns

Ok, I still like this team - although we weren't as impressive on Defense in Week 2 against the Browns. The Browns are better than the Texans, they have more offensive weapons and seem to play the run a little better. That said, the weather really slowed the Steelers down - wind and rain played a major role in the low scoring game.

What I was impressed with:

Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes are great receivers - and they make Ben look good.

Ben makes a lot of good decisions - but he still holds onto the ball a lot. I will never understand how he holds onto so many balls when he is getting smacked and tackled.

I still love Heath Miller.

Jeff Reed is money.

Casey Hampton looked good.

10-0 vs the Browns!

What I wasn't impressed with:

Where were the LBs today? No pressure on the QB - that is bad news.

Polamula can't jump - two balls he should have batted away after the receiver caught the ball - but instead he jumped for the ball instead of playing defense and batting it away.

Our Fullback (Carey Davis) does not impress me at all. When Krieder was here he would make 2 or 3 pancake blocks on some LB during each game - we don't have that anymore.

Where is Nate Washington? Where is Dallas Baker? Limas Sweed? We have more than 3 receivers.

Mitch Berger waits too long to punt - I'm nervous about it.

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