Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Foam Biot Emerger

Hey Scott - I figured I'd make a post for you on one of my favorite patterns to tie - I haven't had a chance to fish it yet. Someone gave it to me in a fly swap and I liked it a lot - I tie it slightly different with wire rather than a biot - but it is essentially the same thing.

I tie these in multiple colors - olive, grey, brown, tan, black - might even try red. I mix and match the color of the body and the the color of the antron. For instance I might use an olive body and white antron - or olive body and brown antron.

I assume you would fish it behind a dry as a dropper, or you could fish a couple of these unweighted as nymphs.

Send me your address and I will send you a few to try - my email is

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cutthroat stalker said...

Nice looking fly!

I like using biot, when the stuff doesn't crack. Do you soak them first, or just find fresher stuff than I have?

Sent email separate - thanks!

scott c