Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sodded the Yard

Took Friday off and sodded the back yard in 2 days.

Friday was rainy and crappy, but I started anyways - kept the bugs down which was nice. Sod cut the whole thing and moved it to the curb/side of the house/hill where Cabo runs. John the nieghbor helped me move about 30 wheel barrels. Paul showed up at 3pm and started on the sprinklers. I spread 30 barrels full of compost - only about 1/4 the pile in the driveway. I stopped around 7pm.

Day 2 - started at 9am, the boys were waiting for me. They started moving dirt while I helped Paul finish the sprinklers. About 10:30 we started spreading the dirt to thin and level it out. At about noon we started laying the sod - Eric/Dan/Steve/Johnny/Paul and me - done around 3pm. Clean up wasn't much fun either. I have 1/3 a pallet of sod left and a huge mess in the front yard for them to throw away. Let's hope they take it on Monday when they come and pick up those bags.

Here are some pics.

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