Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I was at the fly shop this weekend and saw some really cool stonefly patterns - of course I don't think I can tie them - hotwire, 20 inchers, turkey biots, on and on. So I've done some research on the net and come up with a couple of cool patterns. Please feel free to send me links to a few more.

Black Stonefly

Rubber Legs

Black Biot Stone

Yellow Stone

Hotwire StoneFly

FlackBack Brown Stone

Brown Tubing Rubber Legs Stone

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cutthroat stalker said...


I'm pretty plain vanilla, I've used rubber legs, and that's about it. That hotwire does look good.

I got out fishing yesterday afternoon with a chance to use those good looking foam biot emergers you sent. When I got on the water and went to tie one on, I realized I left them at home sitting on my desk. But don't feel bad that I forgot your flies, I forgot my fishing license there too. Arghhhh! (I went ahead and fished as I have never been checked in 25+ years of fishing in Utah.)

I've put them in my fly box so I don't forget next time.