Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday June 29, 2008 - Chatfield Res. with Cabo

We've hit Chatfield a couple times this week to do some carp fishing. Tuesday we hit it with Steffan, and Saturday Cabo and I hit it alone. Neither time did we see much. We saw some huge fish jumping out of the water which got Steffan all excited, but those fish are impossible to catch. The water was up on Tuesday and back down again on Saturday. The flats looked very fishy, but we didn't see a single fish.  Cabo and I waded all the way over to the other inlet about 100 yards from the penninsula. The whole think is only half way full and only knee deep along the edges and even half way out.

We basically gave up and just hung out. Cabo found a racquet ball - which she loved - so we just threw that around for a while and headed home. We were gone only about 2 hours.

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