Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It is hard to explain what I feel right now. I have been a Celtics fan since I was born - watching game on TV38 on a 12 inch balck and white tv at my dad's apartment. Brings back memories, of bird, mchale, parish. of johnny most, of red auerbach. I cry. I really do - because this is something that boston fans have waited so long for. this is one of the most storied franchises in sports - and they deserve this win.

most importantly this is for PP, who has been with this franchise through EVERYTHING. reggie lewis, losing, bad draft picks, trade rumors, we get our revenge - and it is the sweetest revenge. championship! this is for you PP. thanks for bringing it to boston.

thanks to:

PP for sticking around
KG for coming to boston
Ray Allen for making this his new home - UCONN wasn't that long ago
Kobe Bryant for being OVER-RATED!
Rondo for being a huge veteran presence throughout the year - he NEVER looked like a second year guy
for KPerk being string and knowing his roll - 5 points, 10 rebounds a game.
for Posey, EHouse, PJ and Big Baby knowing that they are the real MVPs of this team - strong minutes, huge defense and strong bench support. 4 guys we couldn't do without.
for ainge - yes, it kills me to say it, but if you LUCKED out, damn you did good.
for Doc - you brought Thibadeau here and you convinced 3 superstars to play as 1 TEAM. money baby, just money
Thibadeau - no way will we ever thank him enuf. that was the best defensive performance ever. thanks T
to laker fans for being a joke - makes us realize just how great the celts fans are.
for the experts who said we had no chance in hell.
to Bill Simmon's dad - hopefully he's still alive in the morning - can't wait to see his article

most importantly to my brother in law Dale who has always been a huge celtics fan - a true fan should bask in this the most because you were there through all the bad.

to my buddy Haas, who is a big fan and always my last phone call after a championship - man we have had a lot of calls lately huh?

to the city of boston - congrats, and i miss you. you deserve this - god bless and let's hope for many more.

peace and love, enjoy the moment but save some for the future!


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preacherman said...

Great post!
I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the champs. In having Irish blood I am celebrating huge today!!!! An incredible game last night. One to go down in history. It will be talked about for years to come. Did you see...Yes!!!! Way to go boston!