Sunday, June 01, 2008

Manny hits #500

yesterday was a cool day - I was listening to the game over the internet and decided to head downstairs and see if I could see the next Manny at bat on ESPN - of course ESPN was running at the bottom of the screen the ticker tape that said Manny was up. Thinking they would cut to the game, I weighted - but no such luck. The next thing I saw on the ticker was that Manny hit #500. I waited and waited for a replay - but nothing! WTF ESPN??? You guys blew that. Well, the phone rang and my buddy Haas was on the other end - he asked me to guess where he was....I just guessed Baltimore, and I was right. He had gotten gift tickets to the game while he was down there on a project and was at the game. He saw Pedroia and Ortiz go back to back and was having a blast. Seeing Ellsbury leg out a triple was fun too. And when Manny hit it - he had no idea it was #500 until they flashed it. What luck - he always seems to be that lucky!

Sox won again today - they are starting to show some offense finally.

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