Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm pretty proud of myself.

On Monday I came home and Jen told me that the air conditioning wasn't working. I tried a couple of things, but nothing seemed to work. I called the HVAC place and they had a technician come out on Tuesday at 1 pm. The guy was a nice enough guy, and he diagnosed the problem after a few minutes. The problem seemed to be a small electrical box on the outside of my furnace - this box connected directly to the thermostat and relayed to the furnace whether to turn on the furnace or the air conditioning. The box is called an Add-A-Wire and is only 2inches by 2 inches with 5 wires sticking out of it, and the guy showed me the two pieces that needed to be changed out. Problem was he didn't have the same kind of box, but he could get a similar one. He went out to his van to find the part and write up a quote.

WHile he was in his van I decided to Google the part - so I went downstairs and wrote down all the info on the box and came up and Googled it. The part was about $36. The guy came in from his van and gave me a quote of...$517 - that included his $89 fee I was going to have to pay anyways, a $46 fee to pick up the part, and the rest was the cost of the box and labor to install. I called my buddy Tim to see if I could handle this and he told me to just make sure I match up the wires and I should be fine. I declined the fix, paid the $89 and sent him on his way. I immediately got online and order the part for $36 + $21 shipping Fedex.

I got the part today and installed it in 30 minutes or so, in between putting Avi to bed and moving the camper out and showing Steve how to pop it up and attach it to his truck. The air conditioning is on now and working fine. This is the second piece of equipment I have fixed - I fixed the ignitor on our furnace last year when we had no heat - it was easy to do and shows if you have a little faith you can figure stuff out.

Next project I think is an attic fan - which will make my A/C unneeded!


cutthroat stalker said...


Nice fix! I hate paying outrageous prices for simple things. I'm usually pretty handy around the house (I built the one I'm living in), but when it comes to newer cars...not so much. My '86 F150, I'm okay. My '06 Accord, no clue.

When we finished building our house, and moved in, it was January. When June came rolling around and I turned on the AC for the first time--nothing. I called the HVAC guy who installed the HVAC system. He came out and checked things. No juice to the AC, he told me. I had to run a wire from my circuit box to the AC because I forgot to do that when I wired the rest of the house...DOH!

Brandon said...

Well, without the HVAC guy coming out I would have never diagnosed the problem. And it seemed like such an easy fix - how on earth cvould it have been so expensive?

I don't touch electrical or plumbing - they make me nervous.

cutthroat stalker said...

Diagnosis is a kicker. Once that is figured out, it sure makes one think about changing occupations. What was that, $600 an hour? Heck, work one 8 hour day a week, then have a six day weekend? Or work one week a month and then thee weeks off. Or how about one month on and eleven months off? [yes, that was drool I just wiped off the keyboard, sorry about that]