Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - Chatfield Res.

Tried to do some carp fishing with Steffan and Cabo. We left work early - Steffan stopped by to get changed and I showed him how to tie an easy carp fly. We headed to Chatfield and got there around 5:30pm right in the middle of a tornado wind storm - literally the wind was whipping so hard that the sand in the parking lot was killing our legs. We hiked into the bay in the back and immediately we saw carp jumping out of the water. It is a pretty amazing sight to see 20 lb fish jumping out of the water all the time.

We headed straight to the flats side, and it was quiet - less wind and no sign of mating fish. We only bumped into one "boiling" fish that we spooked. We really didn't see another fish. The water was clearer, but no fish to be found. The wind died way down and the air was completely still - the whole reservior was like glass - it was weird seeing no boats on the water and no waves. We fished both sides - the bay and the flats a couple of times trying to find fish - but still no luck. We left by 8pm. No luck. Maybe next time.

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