Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hockey 6/10 - Tuesday League

played against Aaron's team and that prick NJ Devils jersey kid
3 penalties - actually got tossed with 1 minute left
I got shouldered twice - the kid actually told me after the first I need to keep my head up - I was jawing with him and I get a penalty at the end of the first period. He shouldered me in the second, I actually went down - of course the ref says he didn't see it - total bull shit. I checked the guy into the boards and get his stick up around my neck, still no call on him, but I get a penalty. At the end of the game I am getting pinned against the baords by Nick - the dude is a nice guy, but he thinks he is a hockey player and he can't even skate. So, with his shoulder in the small of my back I put the kid in a head lock and wrestle him off me - I just grabbed my towel and skated off. Refs did nothing to protect anyone. The ref actually called a bad trip on the other team on a guy who fell down by me - I told him the kid didn't trip me and the ref is like "you want me to call a penalty and when I do you tell me I am wrong!" ...No you #!%&(* idiot I want you to call the right penalties all the time. Idiot.
We lost 6-4 - and it was my fault.

I will kill this kid if I see him again, he's a puss of the ice and some weekend he won't have the balls to face me - and I'll lay him out. Oh, this is the same kid that Deano was gunning for when he cheap shotted him on a Saturday open skate - so, I'm not exactly the only one who dislikes this asshole - so you can say he has it coming.

I'll probably be suspended for 2 games or whatever - I hope I get to play on Thursday night - that is the fun league, and we could win the first game and play the championship game right afterwards.

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