Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sox vs Rox World Series!

I couldn't have planned this any better myself - two hometown teams and the Sox have a chance to win it all again. First off, congratulations to the Colorado Rockies for doing the impossible and winning 21 out of their last 22 games to first get by the San Diego Padres to get into the playoffs, beating the Phillies in 3 straight games and then beating the Diamnodbacks in 4 straight to advance to their first World Series. Congratulations.

Now, let's break down everything the Rockies aren't:
-They played in the NL West - which is the crappiest division in all of baseball - period.
-Beating the Padres, Phillies and Diamondbacks would be like beating the Mariners, A's and Twins in the American League. That was hardly an impressive resume to hang your hat on. The American League is by far superior.
-You can't win with one ace pitcher - and the Rockies relying on Jiminez and Morales is going to turn out badly against the Red Sox. The Sox kill rookies, and they crush good pitching.
-A month and a half ago there wasn't a single Rockies fan out there - no one cared about this team! On September 16th (a Sunday) in a 13-0 win against the Marlins, the Rockies drew 19,161 fans - and their park holds 50,000+! That is an embarrassment.
-I was at the Giants game on eptember 3rd, and the Rockies drew 30,000 on Labor Day. And there really wasn't even that many fans there as the entire upper deck was empty.
-Lots of bandwagon fans and very little heart. These are the types of fans who envy the Sox fans, who wish they could feel the passion and enjoy the sweetness of a World Series win. Not gonna happen.
-The Rockies think they have overcome pressure - the World Series is a stage that eats up young teams. Veterans of these games come prepared, and the Red Sox have hardened veterans.
-The Sox have 2 aces and you'll have to face them twice in this series (but probably not). Aces win World Series.
-Half of the Rockies pitchers wouldn't even make the Red Sox roster.
-Boston fans are the best fans in the world - if this goes 6 or 7 games, you have no prayer - ask the Indians. Better win in Colorado or never.
-You don't have the middle of the order that the Red Sox do. Helton has little power, Holliday is great, Atkins will be average. You have a potential 2 run homer everytime Papi steps to the plate because Youks and Pedroia are always on ahead of him. Walk Papi and Manny will make you bleed. Lowell is an RBI machine - go ahead, pitch to him...
-You want heart and soul from a rookie? Pedroia and Ellsbury bleed Red Sox red.
-Enjoy Holliday, because the minute he's a FA he'll RUN away from Colorado.
-You don't have enough pitching. 21st in the league in WHIP was Aaron Cook, Francis was 23rd. If your pitchers even think about giving up baserunners, the Sox will kill them. They wear out arms, led the league in walks and pitches per AB.
-Yes, you are on a roll - but don't you think the Sox might be on a bigger roll? Coming back from a 3-1 game deficit, pounding the Indians 30-5 in the last 3 games. Winning the last two games by 9 runs or more. Yeah, that might be momentum.

Let's list the Rockies excuses when they get pummeled:
The Red Sox had the second highest payroll in baseball!
An 8 day layoff was just too much.
The umpires were against the Rockies (this is the old Denver Broncos excuse!).
The Rockies weren't used to using the DH. Damn AL rules.

As much as I'd like to join all my friends in Colorado and be all optimistic about the Rockies chances against the Red Sox, let's be realistic here! Take your emotions out of it and it is obvious that this Red Sox team is superior. All the wishful thinking you can muster won't make the Rockies stand up to the Sox.

I hate to say it, but I think the Sox could win this thing in 6 games - I'll give the Rockies the benefit of the doubt and say they can win 2 games. (I honestly think it will be a 5 game series).

Let the games begin!

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