Sunday, October 28, 2007

3-0 Red Sox

Ok, let's get this straight - I don't dislike the Rockies. If they were playing any other team I'd be routing for them - although playing the AL, I wouldn't expect much from them.

Now, I really would like to see this game go back to Fenway so Boston fans can see them win it at home - but I really don't want that to happen - I want them to end it tonight.

I wouldn't mind this thing going to game 5 either - the Rockies winning one (instead of getting embarrassed) and the state of Colorado getting another few million dollars worth of fans money would be a VERY good thing - but I'd rather end it tonight.

As for a sweep - I think it is possible - the Rockies have been pummelled and have no mental edge and have been reduced to infants. Jon Lester is an unknown - although he is more of a known than Aaron Cook. Lester pitched in the ALCS and did well - Cook hasn't pitched in months. The Sox are going to feast on Cook - that is a given. Lester could either get shelled or throw a perfect game tonight. I could see the crafty kid really putting the screws to the Rockies - and that would be just fine with me.

Pedroia and Ellsbury were spectacular tonight and I think Pedroia is 2 hits away from wrapping up MVP. Of course, if Ellsbury gets 2 doubles tonight we might be splitting the award - which is something I am definitely hoping for. 2 rookies leading off the top of the order is unheard of and certainly without precedent. To think this is the future of the organization (with Youks, Paps, Buchholz, Lester, MDC) is amazing. This could very well be the start of a dynasty.

I look forward to the offseason - just like everyone else, but it all comes down to tonights game - win it all tonight and it makes it a very very special year. Win it for all of us. Win it like everyone knows you can.

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