Sunday, October 07, 2007

21-0 Steelers win

Yes, the Steelers owned the Seahawks. It was a slow developinh game, but I knew that the Steelers would adjust at half time, and they did. Roethlisberger looked AWESOME! Willie Parker took a half to get going - but he eventually did. We had a lot of injuries - Ward, Polamalu, Hampton, McFadden and Santonio Holmes - those are some pretty big injuries. Cedrick Wilson stepped it up today - which is awesome because he's been quiet all season. The secondary was great too - Seattle came out throwing and they played very well - not allowing the big pass. Najeh had a huge run that was the momentum turner, and Ike Taylor intercepted a ball at the goal line to shut down Seattle at the end of the first half. The defense is th main story, but honestly, the O should be. The Seattle defense was GOOD. Their rush defense was very good, but the Steelers kept chipping away - and got to them with several decent runs.

I'm currently watching the Sox/Angels game - Ortiz and Manny just went back to back and you could hear the air come right out of the stadium. Weaver was pitching well - striking out 5 in the first 3 innings, but you knew the veteran hitters would get to him - and they did. Man, I hope Schilling and pen can hold this 2-0 lead up. Youks is up now, 2 on, 1 out.

I'm also watching the Broncos/Chargers game and man, do the Broncos suck. I think it is hilarious to hear Bronco fans talk about how the team is good when they have squeaked out two games by last second FGs to crappy teams, and then got their asses handed to them by two other teams. The best thing is that the Rockies are playing, so Bronco fans will have something to distract them. I guarantee that tomorrow at work there will be no talk of the Broncos and all talk about Rockies. Do you think anyone will admit Shanahan is the problem? Hell no.

Chargers are up 14-0 and just caused a fumble as the Broncos were inside the Chargers 15 yard line. Broncos fans were already starting to leave the stadium, sad because half probably just got finished parking their cars! Wait until the Steelers defense comes in in two weeks and cleans up. Travis Henry will be suspended for a year by then - he'll have plenty of time to smoke pot then.

This San Diego team is much better than their record - they have so many weapons and their D is good. Broncos fans always point at a record when making their arguments - which is fine in week 16 but not week 5. I bet Tomlinson goes for 175 yards today.

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