Friday, October 26, 2007

Sox up 2 games to 0

This is not surprising - the Sox being at home and all. Actually these are the things that are NOT surpsing to me:

  1. Sox have 15 walks in 2 games.
  2. Sox scored 13 runs in game 1.
  3. Sox have scored 15 runs in 2 games.
  4. Sox bullpen is on fire.
  5. Schilling had a decent game.
  6. The top of the order is on fire - but Ortiz and Manny are getting pitched around.
  7. Mike Lowell is pushing for MVP.
  8. Dustin Pedroia hit the second pitch of the WS into the Monster seats.
  9. It was completely silent at work on Thursday and Friday after the Rockies lost both games.
  10. Everyone here in CO is blaming the 8 day layoff for the Rockies losses.
  11. It took only one loss for some sports writer in Denver to write about the Sox payroll and how the Rockies can't compete.
  12. Helton looks horrible. Brad Hawpe is getting exposed.
  13. Matt Holliday is an MVP candidate for the next 10 years.
  14. The Rockies can't hit Red Sox pitching.
  15. Clint Hurdle is an idiot.
  16. The NL is just ten classes below the AL.
  17. This series will end before the series goes back to Fenway.

Sad, but true. The Sox are just putting up baserunners, and scoring just enough to win. The bullpen is en fuego and no one in the other 49 states is surprised. The lack of a DH will take out one good hitter out of the lineup - but that means when DiceK goes 5 innings tomorrow night you have Youkilis coming off the bench. The Rockies don't have as good a PH as the last guy (Alex Cora) on the Sox bench. So where is the edge? The Sox still have a better lineup and much better pitching.

And how the hell is Josh Fogg pitching in the World Series? Let's be reminded of Josh Fogg's career stats: 60 wins 60 losses 4.90 era 1.46 whip .286 baa. ouch. did I mention that he's never won more than 12 games in a full season? he's had era's of over 5.00 in 3 of his full 6 seasons. in 2006 his era was 5.49. he has a 6.06 era lifetime in Coors Field. going down the order this is what our line up has done to him:

Pedroia: not faced

Youks: 2/3 2B

Papi: 3/6

Manny: 2/6

Lowell: 6/16 2B HR

Drew: 4/21 2B 2 HR

Tek: 1/4

Ellsbury: never faced

Lugo: 4/19 2B

Cora: 6/11 2B HR

The Rockies on the other hadn haven't faced Matsuzaka. Edge has to go to DiceK. And all this talk about the curveball not working in Coors? So? DiceK has 5 pitches. Josh Fogg has 2? Advantage DiceK.

There is just no way in hell the Rockies get out of Coors Field alive.

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