Monday, August 20, 2007

Vick needs to get a taste of his own medicine...

This Vick thing is stupid. This guy has basically lied his way this far and then pleas out to "beginning the healing process". Are you joking? He hung, electrocuted and drown underperforming dogs. Why Vick himself was an underperforming dog his whole career - why can't we give him a taste of his own medicine? I'd like to see the bastard held under water to within an inch of his life then pulled back, maybe send a few thousand volts through him just for fun, and maybe we can just break a few vertibrea and leave him a paralyzed quad. The guy is disgusting.

First off, he lied - he told everyone that he knew nothing about the happenings and promised to take better care of his property and choose his friends more wisely. The guy is a loser - up there with Ray Lewis and Rae Carruth. Choose your friends wisely? He's an adult. How about live your life as a role model or just live your life morally? The guy had millions and millions of dollars riding on his left arm - a Nike shoe that was about to be released, millions of fans and jerseys - and he has to be told to watch what he does? Amazing. The guy has to be an idiot.

Funny thing I was just thinking about - Vicks brother Marcus had issues in college and was suspended a couple of times. He had a ton of talent and yet couldn't stay out of trouble - some of the trouble was because he had more oppotunities because of his star power brother. Now do we wonder why Marcus was such a head case? Maybe it runs in the family?

Actually, I'm happy to see Vick get a jail cell - he deserves it. Everytime he is on TV he was always this thug image, all hard and ghetto. Well, he just lived up to his image. I'm betting he plays down that image in jail. Imagine if he was a nice guy, projecting a giving imagine - maybe he'd get more respect or sympathy? The guy is a loser. Good ridance.

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