Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gut Wrenching

After I blogged about the turning point, my prediction is now only half right. The Sox climbed back into a 6-0 game with the Rays by making it 6-5 in the ninth with no one out and Lugo on second. Pedroia, Youks and Manny k'd. Sad. Only Papi walked. Where was the big hit? Last year it would have been Ortiz doing something fantastic. This year ....nothing.

So, the other half of my prediction - well, it was almost very wrong. Yankees losing 3-0 in the bottom of the ninth with 2 out and Shelley Duncan hits a 3 run homer to tie it. But in the top of the 10th the O's get 3 of their own off Mo Rivera. This is good - even more deflating because the Yanks rallied and the pitching staff (arguably their best pitcher) coughed it up. Even better - this happened in Yankee Stadium - which will draw the ire of Yankee fans even more. Watch out for Yanks fans bailing on their team after this poor showing.

Of course, that game isn't over, I should bite my toungue. 1 out, Jeter up. 2 out, ARod singled (which is fine because he is on my fantasy team). Matsui up. 3 out. Game over. No lead lost. But a huge missed opportunity for the Sox to gain a game. Scary part is the Yanks are losing to the easy part of their schedule this month - not a good sign for them.

Man, this is not going to be an easy end to a season - it's going to be stressful!

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