Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Tuesday...and it's dragging

It's Tuesday....great! Wonderful news. I wish I could stay awake. Work is work - busy, but nothing pressing. VMWare IPO'd today on the stick market - I wish I Had know - would have liked to get in on it - oh yeah, if I had the funds to by more than 10 shares. VMWare is virtualization software that partition machines so that different software can be installed on different types of machines, and they run independent of the platform and more efficiently. Cool stuff. EMC is IPO'ing 10% of their shares. I don't know a whole lot else about the stuff, but the market loves it.

The market is hovering around 13,000 - wasn't it just at 14,000 a couple of weeks ago? The market is basically legalized gambling, up and down and down and up. Is 14K too high? I think so. No way the market should be maxing out like that. I need to get back into penny stocks - not that I had suck great luck with them the first time.

The Sox suck. I'm glad I got that off my chest. Although I still have faith in them, I'm thinking they need to go on a roll with the easy schedule they have, and the Yankees need to stop being so lucky. Eric Gagne is the worst acquisition in history - I'm thinking the Yankees are paying him under the table to lose the rest of the way. No one is hitting in the lineup. Ortiz and Manny could end up hitting less than 30 HRs each by the end of the season - which is totally unheard of. Last year Ortiz hit 54 - sure he's hurt this year, but if you are hurt you don't play. Dustin Pedroia is making a run at ROY. 7th in hitting and 11th in OBP - that is sick for a rookie. I was totally wrong about him - I thought he'd be a .260 hitter at best. Man, the kid is fun to watch - hopefully he's a mainstay at 2B for a long time. He's already a fan favorite.

Let's revisit the Hanley Ramirez/Anibal Sanchez for Mike Lowell/Josh Beckett trade for a minute. Beckett is on his way to becoming a 20 game winner - and probably will be 4 or 5 more times in his career. Lowell has been a plus on D and has swung a pretty good bat - leading the Sox in a few offensive categories. Anibal Sanchez was a promising young pitcher (one of my favorites), pitching a no hitter last year. But, this year he has had shoulder surgery and is out indefinitely. The difference here is Hanley. The kid was always a 5 tool type player with no room at the MLB level - blocked by Nomar, OCab, Renteria and Lugo (although he was traded before Lugo was signed). No way Theo was sticking an unknown at SS for the Sox. But the Marlins were ready and gave Hanley the job immediately - and man, has it paid off. Hanley is having an MVP type season - surpassing his HR total from last season already (around 18 I think), he's going to match his 50 SBs from a year ago, and he's the NL leading hitter right now at like .347. That is NUTS! We gave up one of the most exciting young players who plays one of the toughest positions to fill (just ask Theo now) - oh, and he's only going to get better! I wouldn't be surprised if the Sox try to retrade for him in a coupel of years!

Yankees are playing out of their heads right now - sweeping the Indians and scoring in double digits every night for the last month. No way can they keep it up. Is it just me or does everyone HATE the Yankees?? All the blogs or sports articles I read are so sick of their comeback - they just want them to die. Sad. I wouldn't want to be a fan of an organization that is so hated. Sure the Sox have their haters, but most (if not all) are Yankee fans. Clemens got suspended and will miss a start - rumor is he might be hurting and needed to miss the start anyways. I think they said he was 4-5 with a 4.50 era - that is well worth the $18M they are paying him. I hope he falls on his ass the rest of the way. I can't wait until he pitches against the Sox.

Steelers looked blah this weekend - I only saw the first quarter on Tivo, but they didn't impress me. The D looked very good - but the O, not so much. I can't wait for the real games to start.

Anyone watch My Boys on Monday Nights? Very good show - the writers on that shore are very good and the actors are not well known - which makes them more believable. Plus, that chick is every guys dream - into sports, drinks beer, doesn't know she's hot - PERFECT! And we all have friends like her - we can relate to at least one of her friends and pinpoint characteristics our friends have in common with them. Trouty is funny too - that guy looks straight out of Night at the Roxbury. Oh, and I missed it last night - thank God for TiVo! I got to get in an extra hour of roller hockey practice - which I needed. I need to get in better shape. I'm not even sore today - which is a huge step.

We are camping in Eagle this weekend at a campground named Sylvan Lake. It should be a blast for Avi. Although we will be gone two nights without electricity. Should be interesting. Kayaking will be fun though and she will be busy (as long as the weather is nice).

Well, back to work for me.

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