Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fall is almost here.

First of all - I hate the heat. I always have and always will. Worse is humidity - which makes heat feel 2X worse.

The other day we had our first all rainy day of the summer here in the Denver area. That's a big deal because during the hottest months it NEVER rains during the day - sometimes it will rain during the late afternoon. But, it started raining on the drive to work, built up to a huge thunderstorm around 10am, was over cast and dreary throughout the day and the sun never really popped out. The temp also stayed below about 80 all day - which was a huge break from the 95 to 100 degree days we were getting.

Since that day we have seemed to be on the down side fo the summer - although it has been hot (92 yesterday and supposedly 95 degrees today), I think the heat is coming to an end. That is a very good sign.

The best times of year around Denver are spring and fall - very cool nights and beautiful sunny days usher in great weather. The fishing becomes amazing as well - as the nights might dip down into the 30's with snow possible in the high country. The fish start anticipating the change and go nuts - eager to eat as much as possible before it gets too cold. The colors in the mtns are great, and the sounds seem more crisp in the colder air.

Camping in the fall becomes a little tougher - you are really taking a chance at freezing your ass off at night. But, the mornings are great as it is cold and clear. Plus, the clouds will come in at night and cling close to the ground or on mountains as the morning breaks - leaves a pretty cool sight.

Fall also marks some other times - football! baseball playoffs! hockey!! so many sporting events. Also, the start of winter is right around the corner and this year I'm loooking forward to taking Avi sledding and possibly skiing. Also, I think I will try and get her on ice skates - which should be interesting. Winter time here is always pretty mellow - so I don't mind it. It should be more fun in the snow this year as Avi is big enough to enjoy it.

The fall just seems to be more enjoyable to be outside in. I'm looking foward to getting out and hitting some fly fishing day trips soon.

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