Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Avelyn is 2 Years Old

It is amazing to believe that my daughter Avelyn will be 2 years old on Sunday. Although it doesn't seem like 'only yesterday' she was born, it doesn't seem like two years. The year s have flown by, and she has been a lot of fun. Although I never thought that the 2nd Birthday could come fast enough, I'm really liking this age.

She has turned out to be quite a character. She's a thick kid, solid (gets that from me), she has the bluest eyes (from me), has blonde hair (the mailman??), chubby cheeks (me and Jen), a defiant attitude (Jen), walks around barefoot all the time (Jen), loves the dog (me), has a big belly (me), is always talking (me), and is never wrong (Jen). I'm always greeted with a hug when I get home and then she proceeds to tell me all about her day in a language that I only understand every 5th word or so. She tells me who was at school that day as she rattles off rendititions of names like Max, Britton, Addis, Chase and Angus. Although she is hard to understand she knows exactly what she wants. For instance, the other day she went into the garage and went on the side of the truck next to the wall and was looking up and saying "color" "color" "color" - I had no idea what she wanted. But, she kept reaching up so I looked around - the chalk was on the shelf above the truck and she remembered that is what she wanted. I just had to decipher her code. She says things all around the house that mean something to her - but is code to us.

Jennifer is an amazing mom, and she has made child rearing very very easy for everyone. The motherly instinct just comes so natural to her, and she makes it look so easy. Without her I wouldn't be able to do raise Avi on my own. She has given me time to be with the guys, fly fishing trips, play hockey, work late, etc, and I really appreciate that. Avi is turning into quite the lady too - daycare and mom are teaching her so much before I even think about what I should be teaching her next. She already has learned manners (although she doesn't always use them) - which I would never think to teach her until who knows when.

Avi is looking forward to seeing her Grandma Edwards tomorrow and her Nana and Poppa at the end of the month. She has been doing tumbling for over a month now and we hit the pool every once in a while. Everytime we go to the pool she gets a little more brave - trying something new or jumping off the edge or walking deeper and deeper into the deep end. I can't wait until she's swimming like a fish, or she's on roller blades and ice skates. She'll be 2.5 years old this winter - so I definitely need to get her skates this year. She already picks up a stick and says "hockey" "hockey".

Of course winter brings up a lot more possibilites - skiing, tubing, ice skating. Eventually she'll need to learn to cast a fly rod. Summer brings biking, swimming & skateboarding. Man, so much to learn, so little time.

But, as I said, I like right now - 2 is a good age - even though she is well into her terrible two's. She also gets into everything - which is expected - but you have to keep an eye on her.

I always said I never wanted kids - just thought I wouldn't be a good father until I was sure I was ready. Well, guys are NEVER ready, but I'm glad we had her when we did. Had we waited any longer I wouldn't think I'd have the energy to keep up with her. I don't feel like I have enough even now! But, Avi is great - she is so much more than I expected and she is very special and has filled a huge spot in Jen, my and Cabo's lives. She truly is a blessing. Happy birthday Ms. Avelyn!

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