Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fly Tying Displays For Sale

I thought I had posted this a while back, but I guess not.

I make oak fly tying displays in several different sizes - all are solid oak, in either ebony black or sedona red, 3 coats of polyurethane, all have routered edges, felt bottoms, and include the mini grabbers for holding flies. The square displays are approximately 3.5" X 3.5" square. I make these in batches of 15 or so, and it will often take me a full week to finish them all. There is literally 20 steps to make just one of these - so the production line process takes some time.

I love making these, and do it as a hobby in my garage. I once saw these in a fly shop for $30 apiece, and thought to myself that I could make tehse better and for much less. That was about 2 years ago, and since then I have sold over 50 of these on eBay (user name brandon0722 - 100% positive feedback). I have done a lot of trial and error on these, looking for the best wood (definitely oak - the grain just jumps out at you), the right routered edge, the right colors (see the red and black below), the right amount of poly to make them shine, etc. I have perfected these and their quality is unmatched.

In the past I have donated these to the West Denver Trout Unlimited for their bucket raffle and for their monthly meetings. I haven't really tried selling these outside of eBay, but have been asked by a few people to start making them available. That means I will probably have to start adding inventory.

These are the most popular models I most often have in stock:

8 mini grabbers in Ebony Black and Sedona Red - approximately 3.5" X 3.5" square - sells for $13 + $4 shipping

11 mini grabber in Ebony Black (not pictured) and Sedona Red - approximately 7" X 3.5" - sells for $18 + $4 shipping

I have also done about 15 custom displays for various people who want larger displays for displaying salt water flies, or smaller displays for displaying only one fly (see the pics below). Let me know if you might have a idea for a custom fly tying display. Pricing varies based on how many mini grabbers, the wood and felt and stain and poly don't vary enough to cost more then the above displays. However, making one off custom displays may take longer than a week to produce.

These were salt water displays, in sedona red and were huge! 16" X 1.5"

This was a larger square version 5.5" X 5.5" for salt water flies.

This was a 5.5" X 5.5" square for salt water flies as well - I made this one a nice deep rich choclate brown color.

These were two mini-displays only 2" X 2" squares - they were stained in Ebony Black and the wood grain is amazing. This person wanted to show off one fly in a glass fly shop case as the centerpoint of the case.

Of course I sell the mini-grabbers separately as well - for 1-15 pieces the cost is $1.25 apiece, for 16-100 they are about $1.00 apiece (depending on how many I have at the time). I buy these in bulk (sometimes I have to buy them in 500 to 1000 quantities to get the price under $1 each) so I get a really good deal, but I'm not going to get rich on these things. Larger than 100 orders can be filled but may take some time.

Well, I hope you like my displays. Shoot me an email at brandon722@yahoo.com with any questions.

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