Friday, February 20, 2009

Craft Store Finds

After work today Avelyn and I hit Michael's to find some cheap materials for my fly tying get together with my buddy Steffan next week. He's headed up to Alaska this fall and needs some big uglies for his trip. Although I don't think we'll tie any salmon flies, I wanted to teach him how to tie some streamers - once he gets the hang of it he can tie any colors he wants - including the oranges, purples, pinks and reds that he'll need.

I was a little disappointed in their selection - the store inventory has changed since the last time I was there - there isn't nearly as many cool beads, and none of that stretchy bead cord stuff that you can use on nymphs. But, they had some great stuff for streamers - including some hollow corded rope like materials that are really thin, and will lay flat. I picked up a silver and a silver/black mix - each was $1.49 for 10 feet. I also picked up some of this peacock eye lash ribbon - basically it is inch long strands of red, green, crystal green, and flashy green colors on a cord. The stuff will make great collars - it was $1.99 on sale. And I picked up some 6 mm silver beads - they are standard sized hole drilled through the whole bead, and I just tried it on a size 8 hook and the bead slid over the eye - so I guess maybe a size 6 hook would be better. These were $1.99 on sale as well.

Not too bad for a quick trip. I need to head to JoAnns - they seem to have the coolest stuff and obscure little items.

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