Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You gotta love this team!

Well - you have to love both teams.

The Red Sox are in the midst of a 5 game winnig streak and game number 6 in a row is turning out to be just one of those games the Sox just won't be satisfied with until they burn through all of the opposing pitchers and come from behind and win a high scoring game.

The Sox beat TB 3 in a row and they have beaten the Tigers two in a row. The TB series was a well played series - the Sox offense erupted after a very slow Blue Jay series in which they score live 5 runs. The Sox put up 26 runs on TB and they did it with their entire offense. Lowell off the DL started to hit, Ortiz finally got ot .200 and kept on going, Drew chipped in, Moss hit a big HR, Varitek had a few hits and a few RBI's, Youks added some power, Ellsbury stole some bases and Pedroia was solid as always. Manny was slow - but got some RBI's. The Sox had three great outings in a row with Buccholz, Beckett and Lester. The bullpen pitched well too. This team really started gelling.

The Tiger series showed some mastery and some guts. Powered by HRs by Ortiz (2), Manny, Youks (3) and Lowell (2) - and great pitching performances by Matsuzaka (2 hitter! 8 walks! 1 k!) and Wakfield (2 hitter! no walks! 6 k's!). Game 2 was a beating - 5-0 win, and the Sox dominated. Kevin Cash had 3 hits! Game 3 is a dog fight - Youks hits 2 HR's, Buccholz gets hammered, the Sox in back to back to back to back innings chip away at a huge deficit to tie it in the 7th - they would go ahead by 1 in the 8th, then the Tigers would tie it in the 9th off Paps. The game just went final and the Sox lost - I'm not even upset by this - it was a dog fight and the Sox managed tolet one slip away. The Tigers beat Paps and that is who you want them to HAVE to beat. I'm not even upset over it.

I just love this team, the dig in and dig down and just win. The pitching has done well, and the hitting is really heating up - against a Tigers team I picked to win it all this season. For them to play this well - I'm just happy for them.

Of course you have to love the Cletics right now. That Hawks series scared the hell out of me - but the Hawks are a good team, and their future is very very bright. The game 7 win by 34 points was an eye opener - and I think the Celts may have snapped out of it. This team needs to win every home game - keep the Celtics fans happy and seeing them more often, and bringing more money to this organization - of course game 7's are not the best way to do this. Game 1 vs the Cavs last night was interesting - the team played great D, which helped that the Cavs shot 31% from the field and LeBron almost had a quadruple double (12 points, 9 rebs, 9 assists and 10 TOs). LeBron will have his hands full - especially now that the Celtics have figured out how to guard the other teams best players - teh switch up they did last night on LeBron made him shoot 2-18 - that's 11%! Whatever they are doing, they are doing it right.

The Celts did have their problems last night - including Ray Allen going scoreless and Paul Pierce going 2-14 from the field. The 2 had 4 total points - which is ugly. Of course we still won with a great defenisve effort 76-72. Now I am a little scared that we only score 76 points, but the Celts do play down to their opponents levels. I think the Celts can and will put up 96 or so points tomorrow night in Boston. The second unit was a breath of fresh air last night - all averaging +9 for the top 3 bench guys (Posey/Cassell/Powe). They added 8 rebs, 22 points and only 2 TOs. KPerk had 12 boards in thsi game too. The disturbing thing is the Celts had 21 TOs to the Cavs 17. We need to lower that and turn the ratio around.

LeBron was -7 in this game - which is a telling stat when the rest of his starting 4 were +12. The Celts need to keep putting the pressure on LeBron and play good defense and not turn the ball over.

One thing I will say is that LeBron is such a puss. The guy flops on every bump, block or foul. Granted he draws contact, there is no need to make things look worse than they are. There are no head hunters on the Celts like there were on the Wizards - so stop acting like the league is out to get you and it is one man against the world. You seriously are a cry baby. Oh, and unless you go for 40+ points, your team isn't going to be able to carry you. If you want to win in this series, you better take the Cavs on yoru shoulders. Good luck with that!

I'm out!

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