Sunday, May 25, 2008

Avi is potty trained!

On Thursday night she made it through the night without a diaper on! She hasn't had an accident in quite a while. She sometimes won't go potty before naps or when it is time to go to bed - so Jennifer warns her that she will have to wear a diaper - and Avi either goes the bathroom, or wears a pull up.

Today she had to wear a pull up to nap time, but about 20 minutes in she walked out of her room and told Jen that she had to go potty. She went potty and off came the pull up - and in for her nap she went. She has even been going through the night with a pull up on and still waking up dry - which is awesome.

She won't even be 3 until August! That is record time!

Happy Memorial Day to every one - we are headed to a BBQ at John/Amanda's as soon as Jen and Avi wake up from their naps.

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