Monday, May 12, 2008

Home court advantage bullsh!t

The calls are going for the home teams, as the 9avs just stole a game with the help of the zebras. Celts look very bad, and they can't shoot - they won't even win in Boston if they play this poorly. I am seriously considering this team as done. I do not think they can win two out of the next three. The Cavs will figure out how to win on the road before the Celts do.

The Sox look like hell too. We have some offense, but not enough to get excited about. Sure Manny hit a nice HR, but we need to have guys hitting around him - and what the hell are they doing sitting Youks when the kid is on fire? Ellsbury on the bench? WTF!!!! Ellsbury on the carpet is worth a steal or two.

Buccholz looked like shit. I'm hope Colon will be in good shape in the next week or so, so he can fill in for some of these guys. Sox dropped Tavarez today - hopefully they can trade him for something useful.

10pm game tomorrow is gonna suck. Luckily every one else will be a little slower as well. I start softball on Thursday with a hockey+softball doubleheader starting at 6pm.

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